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Bryan & Sarah Baeumler

HGTV Home Paint Brand Ambassadors

"We use HGTV Home paint in our own home because we trust the quality of Sherwin-Williams paint and the room-to-room harmony of their colour palette!"

Bryan & Sarah are proud ambassadors of HGTV Home Paint. The paint's quality and ease of application matches Bryan's requirement to only use top quality products in his construction projects. Sarah's passion for colour and design trends aligns perfectly with HGTV Home Paint's design philosophy of room to room harmony. You can spread beauty throughout your home with confidence, just like Sarah, with HGTV Paint's Color Collections that work together in any combination.

Bryan & Sarah have been entertaining viewers on HGTV for over 10 years, starring on fan-favourites such as "Disaster DIY", "Leave it to Bryan", "The House of Bryan" series and most recently, "Bryan Inc.". In 2009, Sarah joined Bryan on television as audiences watched the Baeumler"s create a custom home for their growing family on "House of Bryan". Since then, they have had numerous top rated television shows airing in 24 countries around the world.


  • If you follow design trends like I do, you have probably noticed a few key themes making an appearance month after month. Specific colours, materials, textures and patterns are being combined in a way that conjure up feelings of refined luxury. These trends have become more calming and timeless, instead of the ostentatious ultra-luxury of years past. Whether you are renovating, downsizing to a new home or simply refreshing your décor, this new take on luxury means you don't have to spend a lot of money to replicate the look but, if your budget allows, you can also splurge for the higher-end designer pieces.

    The first building block of luxe design is your wall colour – I often write about colour and paint because it is simply the most effective way to transform your space. In this case, colour is particularly useful because luxe design is achieved by creating a simple, sophisticated look that is calming rather than cluttered. We chose to go with a delicate blush pink in our sitting room. I find this soft colour relaxing, and it warms up our mainly minimalistic décor. Another popular paint colour this season is light blue, which is perfect when paired with grey or white. Two combinations from my favourite HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams colour collection, Perfectly Polished, features these exact combinations anchored by a soft pink and watery blue.

    The next building block is materials! These soft colour palettes work well with neutral tones found in natural stones, timber, oak, and metals such as copper or gold. Accent materials work to define a room's style. For this look, try wood furniture in light and airy tones with a matte or satin finish. Gone are the days of glossy floors and tables. But don't be afraid to play up metals! Consider mixing warm-toned metals such as champagne gold, rose gold and copper. These accents can create an unconventional elegance and give you a luxurious look with a bit of an edge.

    Finally, the fastest way to add texture is with textiles, think shearling pillows, fluffy rugs, shantung silks, nubby blankets, and linen table cloths – every one of these can be integrated to create a soothing environment. They key here is layering delicate tones, textures and accents. The goal should be to create the feeling of plush and simple luxury and not to overdo it with embellishments because less is more.

    Luxe design doesn't have to be unattainable! A few simple upgrades can make all the difference and, if you are looking to undertake a larger project, remember to integrate some of these building blocks for a more permanent luxe look!

  • Now that summer is here, take full advantage and make the exterior of your home as stylish as the inside by achieving instant curb appeal that is easy with a few simple guidelines.

    1. Consider the front door

    Refreshing your front door is an easy update that can instantly add character. Bring some excitement to your entryway with a bold colour in an unexpected shade. Go for something traditional like Navy Seawall (HGSW1471) or a bold red such as Woodland Strawberry (HGSW2051).

    2. Find your perfect colour combination

    Looking to revamp your home's entire exterior? Builder-selected colours are great for the masses, but why not personalize your exterior colour scheme with hues which speak to you. It's the key to truly appreciate your outdoor space. The Inspired Exteriors colour collection available through HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams at Lowe's is an easy tool to pinpoint your favourite colour combinations. Highlight a bold primary colour, compliment it with a neutral base, then finish with contrasting trim (EX1). For a more conservative look, try one colour in various shades varying from light to dark. To keep this look fresh, pick an accent colour that will stand out against this monochromatic scheme (EX2).

    • EXAMPLE (1):

      Fireweed (HGSW2061) as the bold primary pop of colour on the door
      Universal Kaki (HGSW3185) as the neutral base for the main body of the house
      Himalayan Salt (HGSW4045) as the light contrasting trim
      Wood accents consider Red Mahogany stains
    • EXAMPLE (2):

      Peppercorn (HGSW1491) for the door
      Highland Grey (HGSW2444) for the main body of the house
      Icy Avalanche (HGSW1497) as a light trim option
      Mink (HGSW2443) as a dark trim option
      Wood accents consider Espresso stains

    3. Integrate wood accents

    Wood accents compliment a variety of looks. Depending on your style, consider Red Mahogany or Espresso stain to create a sophisticated and modern feel. Alternatively, try Weathered Oak stain for a more casual feel. Create the look of real wood with colours like Jumping Java (HGSW3081) or Plum Brown (HGSW3401). These rich shades will get you the look of wood without the cost!

    4. Integrate outdoor furniture and accessories

    Planters, cushions, outdoor rugs and umbrellas are all fun pieces that can work together to compliment your new exterior look. Planters in black, concrete or wood are the perfect base for your greenery. Classic combinations of black, white, grey, or dark wood planters with cream flowers create a timeless elegant look.

    Although summer is a great time to start those DIY projects the summer season is short and the warm days are numbered! Luckily, HGTV HOME paint is perfect for use in temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for early spring or late fall projects. Your house is the first thing people see when they arrive, so do your best to ensure it looks inviting and polished.

    Consider Quality:

    Now that you've done all the work to curate your home's exterior, you want to make sure you use a product that will stand the test of time. I reached out to my husband and professional contractor Bryan Baeumler who gave me a few tips. "If you are looking to cut down on time then consider a paint and primer in one. A good quality acrylic formula is less likely to crack, peel or blister. Finally, UV protection and mildew or algae resistance will keep the paint looking good longer."

  • I am most at home in our family's cottage. It is our sanctuary and a place for us to rest and recharge, which is why Bryan and I wanted to ensure we created a rustic yet modern feel when we renovated it. Creating a cozy cottage oasis is fun and easier than it seems — even if you don't have a cottage. Simply follow these five steps to turn any space into a cozy sanctuary.

    White as a Base

    Sweeping a fresh white coat of paint across the walls and ceilings will instantly give your rooms a lakeside feel. White creates a light and airy feel, ideal for a casual space. A favourite of mine is Alabaster, which happens to be the 2016 HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams colour of the year. It's not too bright or overly warm, giving it a calming quality.

    Inject Some History

    One of the key elements to creating the cottage style is to use distressed and weathered furnishings. If you happen to find a vintage piece at a flea market, give it a quick coat of paint and scuff the edges lightly with a sanding block to instantly create a relaxed, passed down, 'family treasure' look.

    Look to Mother Nature

    When developing a colour scheme, look no further than the great outdoors. Accent your décor with colours found in nature such as a watery blue. Construct a soft nautical theme with colours like Earthwise Blue and anchor with muted shades of green such as Modern Safari by HGTV HOME paint.

    Bring the outside indoors

    Nothing screams cottage style more than wood finishes. It is likely that you have wood floors but they may be dated or damaged. Why not consider sanding and refinishing them? If it is mainly a summer cottage consider a lighter stain such as pickled oak. Layer this with staple wood pieces such as a coffee or dining table in walnut or red oak.

    Layer Neutrals

    Your cottage style should have a cozy atmosphere. This relaxed look and feel is easily achieved by layering neutrals. Transform your sofa with a cream slipcover, add a sisal or jute rug in a warm tan, and finish the space with a set of stone-washed linen curtains in taupe or soft grey.

    Whether you are creating a cozy atmosphere for your home or cottage, look to HGTV Home paint by Sherwin-Williams to create the ideal cottage colour palette that flows from room to room.

  • (NC) When you walk through a professionally decorated home there is a certain sense of harmony that flows throughout the space. This is because designers consider each room in terms of its relation to another and choose colours, furniture and accessories that feel cohesive. This is especially important given the popularity of open concept homes. Now, not everyone hires a decorator or has a knack for design which makes choosing complementary paint colours tricky, so most homeowners end up picking one colour for the entire home. Want to bring your space to life with colour? Try the following steps:

    Determine what your style is

    What is your inspiration? Do you tend towards clean lines with a mix of retro or vintage treasures? Do you favour a traditional feel over a modern look? Do you envision coming home to a luxurious cozy space or clean minimalist setting? These factors will influence which palette you choose. Finding visual representation of what speaks to you is the best place to start narrowing in on your style.

    Decide on the theme

    Depending on whether you choose warm, neutral or cool colours, you can create a space that helps to set a particular mood. Warm tones create a space that is inviting and gives off a positive energy. Neutrals create a space that is cozy yet balanced as they complement various looks and stay relevant over time. Cool colours create a space that is relaxing and provide styling options for either an urban or coastal feel.

    Great design should reflect the homeowner's personality and should be more fun than difficult. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams has compiled 16-designer inspired collections to take the guesswork out of picking a cohesive colour palette for any home and style.

    Sarah is a co-star on Bryan Inc. premiering fall 2016 on HGTV Canada.
  • (NC) Life is hectic and your home is there to play host to all of it. Your walls must be prepared for anything; from big family get-togethers or kids' play dates, to days of furniture rearranging and room makeovers. A good coat of paint is necessary to help your home stand up to wear. Beyond just colour consider these key factors when selecting the right paint that meets the needs of your home.

    1. Washable

    Look for a paint that is durable and withstands repeated washing. You want the peace of mind that a quick wash will leave your walls looking as fresh as the day they were painted.

    2. Stain resistance

    When the kids decide to turn your living room wall into a colouring board or when things get a little messy in the kitchen you want to feel confident that the crayon, spills and scuffs aren't permanent.

    3. Time saver

    Painting can be easier and quicker than you think. Learning the proper technique for cutting in will save a lot of time because it will eliminate the need for tape on baseboards and trim. Also finding a paint and primer all-in-one will save you a few coats and valuable time.

    4. Lasting colour

    Even with a few time savers, you want your colour to last. If you find your colour losing its vibrant hue over time, fading or yellowing, look for a higher quality paint with technology built in to prevent discoloration, such as HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams which features the Precision Colour Promise.

    Today's paint technology has come a long way and HGTV Home's Showcase line features all the above features with ResiStain Technology, paint-and-primer in one and Uniform-Flow technology making it easy to apply with better coverage and easy clean up. Once you have picked the perfect colour, choose a paint that can withstand the daily stains and scuffs that come with kids and pets so your home looks beautiful for years to come.

    Bryan is the star of Bryan Inc. premiering fall 2016 on HGTV Canada.
  • I'm a firm believer that your home should reflect your personality and meet your needs-as well as those of your children. Creating a home that pleases the whole family means you'll be comfortable together for years to come! But decorating for the whole family can be tough. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a family-friendly space and tips on letting the kids help, too!

    Washable Walls

    Your walls see a lot of wear and tear, especially when kids are involved. Scuffs, sticky fingers and crayons are all very real threats to your perfect paint job and choosing the right paint is your first line of defence. An eggshell or satin finish is a safe bet for your walls. If you prefer the look of a rich matte colour, choose a paint with a washable finish such as HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams. Whatever your finish choice HGTV HOME Showcase interior paint features ResiStain technology that forms a tough barrier and can easily be washed clean without damage.

    Doors and Trim

    Don't forget about your doors and trim, these are the most handled surfaces in the home. Keep these wearing well with a higher gloss finish such as HGTV HOME's Showcase in a satin or semi-gloss. Dark trim has becoming increasingly popular, get this look by trying HGTV Home's "Jumping Java" (HGSW 3081).

    Durable Fabrics

    Durable fabrics are a great way to ensure a flexible, family friendly living space. Try a 'heavy wearing textile' or alternatively, a removable slip cover lets you wash out any stains and easily change your look when your style changes


    Consider how your space will be used before you choose your flooring. High Traffic Areas: Entry ways, mudrooms and kitchens: ceramic or porcelain tile. All Other Spaces: If you prefer wood, a rustic, matte hardwood is non-skid and quite forgiving over time. Rugs on Hardwood: For high traffic areas, choose a more durable material such as jute, sea grass or sisal.

    HED: Get the Kids Involved

    Go in with a plan to create an excellent family friendly space! A multi-purpose 'family' living space could include colour & paint ideas from the whole family, narrowing down fabric, accessory & colour options can be fun to do together with your kids, you can create a little 'design board' with all your finishes, including your favourite Rooms to Room Harmony Pallet by HGTV. You can start with a foundation of warm or cool, neutral base colours and finishes where you can add in some comfort, fun accents for living, and best of all personality with colour!

    Create your own palette or use one of the many resources available to help you pull together a designer-inspired look. HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams has compiled 16 colour collections available at any Lowe's store. Select a colour collection you like and go wild with the colour possibilities. No matter what your kids choose, you can rest assured that the colours function cohesively from room-to-room.


    Involving your kids and family in a 'space refresh & redo' with fun colours and organization ideas, surely they will want to keep their new space cool, and they may even put their toys away!

    Colour Reference:

    White: Alabaster (HGSW 4031)
    Dark: Jumping Java (HGSW 3081)
    Green Wall: Talipot Palm (HGSW 1272)
    Accent: Amber Wave (HGSW 1132)
    Wood sample - Special Walnut. For a painted look use Antimony Gold (HGSW 3132)